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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Jhnur Mann                    159
Lady Hundoix1* i» diuul, and Lady M l7 dinappoinlod: Hht«» who in full iw politic i\» my Lord Ilorvoy, hud madi* hornolf an alwolutt* aorviml to Lndy Hundon, but 1 don't hour that B)H> has lyft her «von hor old clothu«. Lord Suudon in In grtmt griof: I am surpriwxl, fur ttho htw had Jitn of xnadmww, uvor mucu hor ambition, mot «u«h a chuck by t lu* dt»ath of th« Quut>n. Hhu had gvmi powur with hor, tluuigh tint Qmwti prutt>udtul to doHpiHo h«r; but had unluckily tuld her, or falhui into hor pow(»r, by aomt» 8ttcrutls, 1 w«a saying to Lady J\jnifivt, 'To bo mm* Hhu ia do&d very rich I' Bho ropliiul, with HOJJI£> wjinuth, SSht> novor took rmwtiy.' Whon 1 caiuu homo, 1 luontitauul thin to Hir K, 'No,' fluid ho, 'but Mlu? took jt'Wtsln ; Lord Pomfrot'H plucn of Mantcr of tho Horrt«» to th«< t^tun-u wan bought of hor for a pair of diamond mv-nngrt, of fourttn«u hundred pouude valuo.' Ono day that nht» won< tluun at a vi.sil at old MarlbroYi, na noon aa Mho wan gono, tlu^ DurhcHH miid to Lady Mary Worth'y, 'How ran that woman huv»» tho impiulouw to go ubout in that hribuV ' Maihuu/ Mttid Lady Mary, ' liow would you hnvo piHipIo know whorw wiuo in to bo Hold, unloHH tlioro in a nigu hung out?' Hir It, Utld uu«, that in llu» outhuHia,sni of hor vanity, Lady Hundon had proponed tt) him tu unito with linr, and govarn tlu* kingdom togoihw: ho howo<l, )»tgg<»d lu»r patron-tigt>, but wud ho thought nobody lit to govorn tho kingdom, but tho King and Qutwn. Anothor day——-
Kriiluy morning.
forced to loavo oiFljint night, a« 1 found it would bo lo to HOW! away thin lottor JhuHhsd in any limo. It will hi* onorniouwly long, but I huvo proparod you for it, Whon I coiwidor the beginning of my lottor, it loolw an if
'*-•.-liiv«»u,wl<iuifWUIln.m(UttyU>n,          '* Tl»l» musnit (known only to Um
J^.f.l Huititnii; Wmutui ctf Hut Hril-      King nmt to I*iuly Htunlcii) wan Mm
Miilixr, ftU'I Mi«ti'i*J til tho Holtt'i*      «'xi«Uuui« of a ruiiturn from which
(ju0«u (Vt'oUtui,     WutjHili*.                 (^nui'it Carolinn milVtu'ml, nnd which
hi MH.                                          ultuiiiUoly luumi'd hm- ilcntli.